Our Story

Andy Doig started making neons for artist commissions in 1992. Clients included Liliane Lijn, Pure Evil, Tina Keene, and Mark Anstee. He’s now an established artist in his own right with work exhibited around the world.

The first video shows Andy in 2009 making a simple neon letter; from bending the glass tubing in the early stages to the final illuminated letter – this is the process that is still used in the studio today.

In the second video ‘Celebrating Creativity’ Andy talks about his professional life and influences. While setting up his show in the Garage, Amsterdam.

The third video is a record of one of Andy’s early shows in Brighton ‘A Fun Affair’ showcases his neon and fairground work.

The final video shows how a typical class is taught. Classes are limited to a maximum of two students which allows participants to excel no matter what their previous experience.


April 09, 2019


Neon, Neon Workshop

Neon Workshop