Neon Workshop / School Testamonals
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Willy Mouz, Student at Andy Doig Neon
“The neon piece of work is veeeery exceptional to see. The light is perfect, magic. No “bzzzz” sound. Perfection. I am very proud of this, thanks to your teaching. I am very happy. I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me. It was a great experience, your skills are impressive, your studio is very cool.”

Willy Mouz, Head Designer at WillyMsign

Stuart Francis, CEO Tattoo Workshop
“Working in the Arts I have always admired the skills and techniques that go into making something. Neon School was well thought out, well paced and taught me everything there is to know.”

Stuart Francis, CEO at Tattoo Workshop

Catherine Scott Making Neon
“I really enjoyed the course. To learn all the techniques involved in neon making was a real eye opener and great fun. Your teaching style is relaxed and supportive which really helped me to get creative and come up with a design that meant something and the end result was worthy of showing off to friends and family!”

Catherine Scott

Millie Ratcliff, Neon Student
“Totally exhausting, but very inspiring.”

Millie Ratcliff

Ben Neon Neon Student
“A frenzy of fire, flame and molten glass. Massive fun.”


Papé, Neon Student
“J’ai bien flippé, puis écarquillé les yeux, joyeusement tordu… mais trop… alors Andy à pigé que je comprenais peut être de travers et à commencé à me parler dans un français quasi parfait avec ses mains et ses yeux.
Deux jours merveilleusement épuisants.”

Rough translation:

“To start with, I was absolutely shitting myself but I was entranced when the glass started to bend in my hands… I blew too many bubbles… eventually Andy realised I couldn’t follow his real-time English and then, using just his hands and eyes, started talking to me in a near-perfect French.
Two wonderfully exhausting days.”

Papé, Music Festival Visionary,

Erica Neon Workshop Student
“I was gifted a place at Neon school. I have always loved neons, so this was an opportunity to make my very own. Amazing.”


Daisy Neon Workshop Student
“Working with a fellow creative like Andy was fascinating. He was patient, and happy to help me make my lovely neon skull. This course is intense, but also tremendous fun.”

Daisy Harkness, Head Designer at Denim & Bone

Jill, Neon School Student
“This was a safari into the unknown. Andy is an excellent teacher he’s very skilled, he’s patient, and we all had a good laugh. The workshop time is intense, the breaks are very welcome – we each had a piece of magic to take home.”

Jill, Music Festival Visionary,

Neon School Student
“Love it.”

Heather Lee, Nurse

Luke Tilly, Neon Student
“An assault on the senses – and the nerves!”

Luke Tilly, Design & Direction at

Jon Jennings, Neon Student
“Loved it! The one day lesson was booked very last minute for me as a surprise and I’m so glad it was. Andy was very patient and totally encouraging towards what I wanted to achieve. It was also the best feeling having something to take home with me at the end.”

Jon Jennings, Producer

Ilona Harris, Neon Student
“My husband and I love neon art so I was thrilled when he bought me a place at neon school as a gift. I was even more thrilled to come away with something I feel quite proud of and can hang on my wall! Andy is a really great teacher, patient, clear and encouraging. The whole weekend was intense, knackering and brilliant!”

Ilona Harris, Arts Fundraiser

Jessica Allan at Neon School
“I had a wonderful time and to be able to come away with a finished piece of neon that I have designed and then made is so rewarding, I can’t thank you enough for helping me achieve something that I have wanted to create for a long time.”

Jessica Allan,

Kevin McDonagh, Neon Student
“My own abilities lie in software and computer code – it’s very cerebral. So when I found myself bending glass tubing in space, in 3-dimensions, it was hugely rewarding. I was amazed at how well I managed.”

Kevin McDonagh, CEO

Neon School
“Based in Richmond, I found travelling to Neon School a great opportunity to revisit Brighton of my youth. Andy took time to teach me the basics of neon before considering my strengths for day two. The result was my building a neon I was immensely proud of. Thanks also to my wife for the great gift.”

Ros, Advertising Creative

Neal Cavalier-Smith
“This was an unforgettably challenging yet satisfying weekend. My neon is a very personal work of art and a talking point which now has pride of place at home.”

Neal Cavalier-Smith, Pilot