Amy Neon Student
“I’ve always had an interest in neon but had no experience in anything like this before. The two day course throws you into bending glass and creating your own designs. Andy is patient, kind and makes you feel at ease immediately. The studio and surrounding beach is beautiful. A totally unique and creative experience.”

Amy Zachariah, Musician

Neon School Students
“A great experience directed by a true professional, highly recommend.”

Kate Wingrove, Trevor Sorbie Stylist, London

“This two-day workshop was an incredible experience. Melting and forming glass was exciting. The class has an unbeatable location right on the Brighton promenade with the Pier vis-a-vis. The two days were intense with hands-on after minutes. The ratio of only one or two students per teaching is perfect. Andy is a very sympathetic, calm and experience-sharing artist with vast background and skills. He helped us develop our projects with an open mind and the ultimate goal to get our ideas to light – be sure he´ll rescue you when your bending get´s an accident. Lot´s of time for practising with no hurry.”

Nils Hauser, Anaesthetist, Stuttgart, Germany

Willy Mouz, Student at Andy Doig Neon
“The neon piece of work is veeeery exceptional to see. The light is perfect, magic. No “bzzzz” sound. Perfection. I am very proud of this, thanks to your teaching. I am very happy. I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me. It was a great experience, your skills are impressive, your studio is very cool.”

Willy Mouz, Head Designer at WillyMsign

Papé, Neon Student
“J’ai bien flippé, puis écarquillé les yeux, joyeusement tordu… mais trop… alors Andy à pigé que je comprenais peut être de travers et à commencé à me parler dans un français quasi parfait avec ses mains et ses yeux. Deux jours merveilleusement épuisants.”

Rough translation:

“To start with, I was absolutely shitting myself but I was entranced when the glass started to bend in my hands… I blew too many bubbles… eventually Andy realised I couldn’t follow his real-time English and then, using just his hands and eyes, started talking to me in a near-perfect French.
Two wonderfully exhausting days.”

Papé, Music Festival Visionary,

Millie Ratcliff, Neon Student
“Totally exhausting, but very inspiring.”

Millie Ratcliff

Jill, Music Festival Visionary
“This was a safari into the unknown. Andy is an excellent teacher he’s very skilled, he’s patient, and we all had a good laugh. The workshop time is intense, the breaks are very welcome – we each had a piece of magic to take home.”

Jill, Music Festival Visionary,

Jessica Allan, Neon Student
“I had a wonderful time and to be able to come away with a finished piece of neon that I have designed and then made is so rewarding, I can’t thank you enough for helping me achieve something that I have wanted to create for a long time.”

Jessica Allan,

Neon School Student
“I had a fantastic time at the neon course. I learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of it. It’s great to go home with my piece of neon.”

Robin Spijkers, Motorcycle GP Mechanical Engineer

Stuart Francis, CEO Tattoo Workshop
“Working in the Arts I have always admired the skills and techniques that go into making something. Neon School was well thought out, well paced and taught me everything there is to know.”

Stuart Francis, CEO at Tattoo Workshop, Brighton

“If it’s a toss up between bending spoons with Uri Geller or bending glass with Andy Doig, there’s no contest – it’s Neon School all the way!”

Scott Harfield